Catalina Title Agency delivers the highest and best policies and products and assists in the selling and purchasing of Real Estate in such a way that our customers are customers for life. 

Our commitment to you is to do our very best to make all your transactions close smoothly. We have been in business since April of 2004.

One of the reasons that Catalina Title is such an efficient title company is that our title officers have over 60 years of experience in Pima County properties and another is that, First American Title has 12 branches and 25 escrow officers that you can work with throughout Pima County. There is an office convenient to you wherever you are.

Remember, we are never too busy for any of your title needs or questions.

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There are companies that are sending letters out to buyers after they close on their new property asking for money to send a copy of the buyers’ deed to them. This is not necessary. The buyer receives the original deed back after it is recorded and can obtain a free copy from us at anytime.

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